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What is the process for organising care services?

First of all, get in touch and have a chat with our friendly team to discuss your individual requirements.  We will then organise a visit, at a time that best suits you, to carry out an assessment. This will ensure we can create a care plan based around your daily routine, lifestyle, preferences and needs.

What will my carer do?

We create a specific care plan for you outlining exactly what tasks your care worker will perform on a day-to-day basis.

What if my situation changes?

We understand that people’s situations can change without warning; that’s why we monitor and review your care package regularly to make sure your care plan always to suit your needs. During each review we will also take time to discuss your whole care package with you and family members to ensure all your needs are met and our services exceed your expectations.

What is my carer unable to do?

When we establish your care plan with you, we discuss a list of duties that your care worker will do.  They will not operate outside that list unless your situation changes or your care plan is reviewed.  Also, in the interests of health and safety, our carers will not perform any tasks that they are not trained for or any tasks that are likely to compromise yours or their safety.

 How do I know that my carer has completed the tasks they are supposed to do?

Our care workers will complete daily record sheets and task sheets to evidence the tasks that they have carried out during each visit. At the end of each month, these are sent to our head office for auditing. This allows us to see that our carers are carrying out all their duties to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.

How can I be sure that my carer is trustworthy?

Our team of carers are highly experienced professionals that have been subject to a strict and stringent vetting procedure.  All of our carer workers are subject to an enhanced DBS check and we also have a minimum of two references on file for them. Additionally, each of our carers will carry a company photo identification card at all times proving their identity.

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